It’s that simple

Add the product you want to the shopping cart and make the payment. We will only make your jewelry after pre-payment. It’s not possible to pay by invoice because our jewelry are personalized.

Ensure hand / foot / paw is clean and dry before taking the print. When taking prints of paws, paws on the hind legs usually look best. We can also make your jewelry from a picture of your pet’s paw, but a print gives a more personalized look.

Put some paint of a dark colour on a sponge and spread i out by pressing the sponge against a paper. The surface of the sponge should be covered by paint, but it should be a thin layer without lumps.

Apply a thin layer of paint from the sponge to the hand / foot / paw.

Press the hand / foot / paw firmly against a clean, white sheet of paper.

Please take several prints until you’re satisfied. The most common mistake is using too much paint. Paw-prints can be a bit messy due to fur. This we remove before making the jewlery. As long as one can clearly see the edges after the pads, it does not matter if it’s a little “dust” in the print.

Take a picture of the print from above in good light. Make sure there are not shadows. You can take a picture with your mobile phone or camera.

Send your image to us by e-mail to